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Bioshock Infinite - One Man's Trash Is Another's Tasty, Tasty Treat

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Quick Review:

Bioshock Infinite provides a fascinating narrative ride with exciting powers and marvelous characters, hindered only by its franchise roots.

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 3 1/2 Stars

Clyde Says

Lizzy... Elizabeth... Hmm. Even the hair is pretty darn similar. It's like they're the same person!!

Lizzy Says

Did my husband just say how he's having trouble differentiating me from a video game character? Somebody needs a good old fashioned smack in the head.

Clyde Says

Okay... Bioshock's Elizabeth isn't so grumpy.

Artist's Notes

After finishing Infinite, I feel the need to go back and replay the original Bioshock, to see if there's any hints of the sequel hidden in the game (although if there are, I couldn't be convinced they weren't recently patched in).

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