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Defiance - Defiant in the Face of Frustration

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Quick Review:

Numerous glitches & server issues, along with a lack of character customization options, hamper an otherwise simple, yet fun online shooter.

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 2 Stars

Lizzy Says

I have to call B.S. on those people on Twitter claiming they played 30 hours straight during launch week. 30 minutes straight... eh, possibly.

Clyde Says

Those ATVs are such fun to drive around. I haven't driven one in real like, so I'm not sure the physics are exactly what I'd call "normal". Do you really bounce 20 feet straight up when you collide with something?

Artist's Notes

I'm not into MMOs because I like significant story progression in my video games. You can't have a map-altering event like in Borderlands 2 in an MMO because the world has to stay consistent for everyone playing at different points of the game. And that's a dull situation to play around in.

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