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Gears of War: Judgment - Declassified Outrageousness

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Quick Review:

This Gears of War spin-off is a bit of a departure from the main series, but its main fault is not going far enough outside its own comfort zone. The gameplay is solid and the optional mission modifiers are a fun challenge, but there's not much reason for this game to be a stand-alone product. It could have been better served as a healthy DLC package.

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 2 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

I wish I didn't suck so much with the Booshka, because it's the most awesomely named weapon of the year.

Clyde Says

Paduk has a Russian accent, and his backstory is that of a former opponent of the American-voiced COG. But this isn't Earth, it's some crazy Earth-wannabe planet. So is that some heavy handed analogy that the Cold War is genetically embedded in these accents?

Artist's Notes

I think a big part of my disappointment with this game is that I was such a big fan of Bulletstorm. I just want Bulletstorm 2. If they want to compromise, I'll take another Gears game, but with Bulletstorm weaponry. Oh yeah.

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