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The Unfinished Swan - Some Games Don't Have Multiplayer For A Reason

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The Unifinished Swan

Available on PSN

Quick Review:

Majestic, unique and undemanding.

This game offers a marvelous departure from the frenetic sensory overload that is today's video game scene. Simple, yet deep in its paintball-navigation gameplay. This game is truly unlike anything else I've played.

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 4 Stars

Lizzy Says

I've seen enough HGTV to know you're not supposed to paint rooms with only black paint. Some literal splashes of color and this game would have sold better. Either that or a perky real estate agent.

Clyde Says

I had a dream like this game once. Except I wasn't chasing a swan, I was running from a gorilla. And instead of paintballs, I was throwing unlimited bananas. And instead of navigating a contrast-less labyrinth, I was inside a giant snowglobe on display in a mall. Every time the gorilla would catch me, he'd pants me. So... you know... there are some similarities... I guess.

Artist's Notes

I bought this game when it launched, not knowing a thing about it. It just had an interesting graphic in the PSN store, one that reminded me of the black & white cover-art design style of Batman: Arkham City (which I was really disappointed to find wasn't actually used in that game).

I feel bad for those who played bits of this game ahead of time at E3 and other such conventions. This is something that is amazing to go into cold. The more you see before playing it, the more it lessens the impact of the experience.

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