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Bomberman: Romancing the B-man Kingdom

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Bomberman Live

Available on the Xbox Live Marketplace

Quick Review:

After a terribly uninspired style revamp in Bomberman: Act Zero, classic Bomberman gameplay has returned.

Featuring customizable outfits and online play, this game is excellently priced at 800 Microsoft Points (10 dollars).

This game's strong point is in its options: It's got several stages, gameplay modes and power-ups to choose from. This makes it one of the best games in the Bomberman series.

The game's shortcomings fall in the single-player category. Other than playing to unlock costumes, most players will prefer interacting with human opponents. Luckily, it has both online and local multiplayer.

Bomberman Live is recommended for fans of the franchise, and for those who like their gameplay in small doses. It’s a great game to pick-up for ten minutes at a time.

 3 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

I find it disturbing that Bombermen have no mouths. Where do they put their pie?!?

Clyde Says

I’m thinking about growing a beard like that. I’m still on the fence about the antenna, though.

Artist's Notes

I suppose your enjoyment of this game is dependent on the level of your opponents, just like in most competitive multiplayer games. I prefer playing with those at my skill level… which is equal parts fragging others as well as myself.

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