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At Home, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD -One Man's Grand Victory is Another's Unremarkable Moment

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

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Also available on PSN

Quick Review:

Tony Hawk returns to his roots, in this HD mash-up of the first two Pro Skater games. Light on content, and somewhat upappealing to franchise newcomers, this game is aimed squarely at the hardcore, old school Tony Hawk players.

It does bring entertainment for those with nostalgic memories of Pro Skaters past, but the improved graphics and online play are poor substitutes for full-on HD ports of the original games.

Read my full review here.

2 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

This game needs some poor schmoes wandering around for me to knock down. That's Tony Hawk to me.

Clyde Says

People complain about this game not getting all the songs from the original, but it doesn't bother me, because I like to grind to Shania Twain. Whether or not that's a contributing factor to my constant face-planting, I do not know.

Artist's Notes

I went back and played some of the other Xbox 360 Tony Hawk titles to have a fresh comparison to the new game. The new versions of the classic stages that were in American Wasteland are definitely improved, a bit smaller in size, but a tighter experience. And they look better now, not so murky.

But they changed a vital control... the new game uses the triggers to spin. In previous games, triggers were assigned to revert, spine transfer and flip. It really made for an awkward readjustment to those other games.

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