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At Home, SHS Comic Combat - Have Pen, Will Crapout

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Quick Review:

Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat is a dull game with a horrendous uDraw tablet control scheme, covered in a blanket of unhelpfulness. Point and click to watch the characters vaguely do what you tell them to do. Then watch them wander off or stand around while their teammates get pummelled.

If micromanaging every action (and inaction) of three characters at once with an unintuitive control tablet sounds like fun, this game might be for you. But I doubt it.

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1 Star

Lizzy Says

I hope this is not the type of thing we have to look forward to with the WiiU. It's not too late, Nintendo! Learn from THQ's mistakes!!

Clyde Says

Oh, this game can't be that bad. It's not like Darkhawk's in it. (P.S. I'm not a Darkhawk fan.)

Artist's Notes

I love comic book video games. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is one of my favorite games. And putting an underground favorite like Squirrel Girl in her first game seems like an instant winner. And yet... I can not begin to describe my disappointment with this crappy mess.

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