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Dead Island - Need A Vacation From This Vacation

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Quick Review:

Dead Island is a visceral up-close-and-personal zombie massacring thrill ride. Well, "thrill ride" may be misleading... the open-world aspect and scores of side quests allow you to set your own pace. But the huge maps, excellent graphics and large arsenal of weapons will immerse you in a brutal, exhilarating experience.

It's an addicting, satisfying game of zombie dismemberment.

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4 Stars

Lizzy Says

Next zombie apocalypse, I'm going to be the one giving orders, and everyone else can go fetch their own damn teddy bears.

Clyde Says

I just want to know where these bikini-clad zombies are hiding thousands of dollars and steel rods. No, wait... don't wanna know.

Artist's Notes

How come there were no zombie children? I don't want to fight kids, I just want to have some explanation why there aren't any around. I could have bought into the idea that it's an adults-only resort island, but the dramatic, slow-motion trailer that really raised awareness for this game revolved around a little girl. It made me think there was going to be a really powerful, emotionally-gripping story to the game. Ehhhh, not so much.

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