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Lollipop Chainsaw - Oh My Gawd! Like, Zombies and Stuff!

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Quick Review:

Lollipop Chainsaw is a candy-colored mix of bloody hack-n-slash gameplay and ditzy over-the-top humor.

A short, but entertaining ride, Lollipop is carried by satisfying combos and the protagonist's enjoyable characterization. Could use more depth, but what's here is a lot of fun.

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3 Stars

Lizzy Says

Does zero tolerance extend to when your classmates are turned into zombies? Maybe Juliet isn't a hero at all. This game raises some serious questions about school violence.

Clyde Says

If I ever got turned into a living decapitated head, I think I'd just like to be left on a shelf in the closet. I don't need to be out and about bouncing around on somebody's waist. It's not like I'd need the exercise. Or would I?

Artist's Notes

When I say I wish there was more depth, I mean more variety to the game. And not like that stupid baseball minigame. Blech.

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