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Fable Heroes - Live To Mash Another Day

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Fable Heroes

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Quick Review:

Fable Heroes is a four-player brawler with very little depth, and almost nothing to hold a gamer's interest. Linear levels, uncustomizable characters, and an upgrade system that relies on luck.

Even with friends, this game is a bore with little incentive to play. Stages, enemies, boss battles, and button-mashing mini-games are pretty much interchangeable. Play once and call it done.

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1 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

FableHeroes?? I thought I was the lady from Heavenly Sword. Or its sequel, Heavenly Hammer of Doom!

Clyde Says

Fable kind of struggles with having its own identity, doesn't it? The chicken attacking and Dark World is more identified with Legend of Zelda games. Fable really only has its fart & flex buttons. Dunno why those didn't make it into this game.

Artist's Notes

I'm going to have to stop looking forward to games. I get so disappointed when they turn out to be horribly dull like this. If I think I'll hate all games, then I can only be pleasantly surprised, right?

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