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Amazing Spider-Man - Wait For Your Rescue

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Returning the open-world webslinging of games past, The Amazing Spider-Man delivers a fun time.

Not nearly as challenging as previous entries, this brawler dishes out some thrills, and will entertain for a few hours, once you learn to deal with some control issues. It won't do much to win over Spidey haters, but should hold favor with his fans.

A simple game to be sure, but it helps wash away the bad taste left from last year's Edge of Time. Just be aware that this game will spoil major plot points from the Amazing Spider-Man movie.

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3 Stars

Lizzy Says

I never had the inclination to bleach my hair. I've dyed it some crazy anime colors, but never blonde. It just didn't seem to suit me. Perhaps I never wanted to deal with "dumb blonde" jokes. But most likely it's because lighter hair wouldn't help me be ninja-stealthy. Maybe if I move to a snowy climate, I'll consider blonde as a lifestyle.

Clyde Says

Why does Spider-Man keep telling people to "stay frosty"? Didn't the writers know that they're writing for Spider-Man, not Iceman?

Artist's Notes

Much like in my review of Harry Potter Deathly hallows Part 2, this is a game which I'm not quite sure if I liked it as much as I did on its own merits, or that it's not a wretched as the previous game. Either way, I enjoyed my time with it, and rated it as such. Though, that last Oscorp level really got on my nerves…

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