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Lego Batman 2 - Price of Admission

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Quick Review:

Yet another licensed Lego game is cranked out, with disappointing results. A single "episode" is stretched to fill the entire story mode, with extremely limited playtime with most new characters. The promise of variety falls short, and disastrous navigation controls wreck the open-world hub area.

The addition of voice acting is nice, but it does not cover up the fact that there is significantly less story content than in previous Lego games.

In the end, it's not more of the same… it's less of the same, and yet at the same price.

Recommended for: Families looking for a short rental, and achievement hounds willing to deal with the poor navigation to get all their gamer points.

Read my full review here.

2 Stars

Lizzy Says

Lego games always seem to add just one feature each time and then play with it like a kid with a new toy, waving it in your face until you want to snatch it away and tell them they can't have it anymore (or you make your husband do it so you don't look like the bad guy)! This time it's voice acting. I dare you to get more than a couple levels before you set the tips to "silent" so Alfred will stop bugging you.

Clyde Says

No, I don't know why Superman is hampered by electricity. It's obviously a mystical element in the Lego universe.

Artist's Notes

I've shown Lizzy & Clyde switch games before, usually as an instantaneous transition. But that's not always the case, usually if there's indecisiveness or resistance from one of them. And there are "digital antagonists" to sometimes deal with, such as this security guard here.

I'm now going to be writing full length reviews in my blog! So, that's exciting. You can read all about how much I was disappointed in this game. You know, if that's your thing.

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