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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - Teamwork Ethics

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Quick Review:

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a co-op based shooter that's greatest weakness is its reliance on the franchise license. Oh, and the spotty online play is pretty bad too.

While revisiting the events of previous Resident Evil games from a new perspective is a solid idea, the execution here is lackluster and the game suffers from its nostalgic reliance on recycled material. ORC offers some solid fun with cover-based shootouts and a team with unique powers. It would have been a much improved experience had the development team concentrated on expanding the core gameplay mechanics, instead of shoehorning in memorable franchise characters in unmemorable ways.

There are some interesting multiplayer game modes, but they seem custom-made to just turn into ambush matches.

Recommended for clans looking for another linear sweep-and-clear room-by-room game.

 2 Stars

Lizzy Says

Why do all the female characters have exposed hair? All the guys have hoods or hats or whatnot, but with all the fire and incendiary weapons in the game, it would be prudent for everyone to cover their flammable parts. It'd be one thing if they were showing off their new perm or something, but they all just have their hair tied back in a bun or such. It's totally hat-hair proof! So I say toss a helmet on there or let my locks flow free!

Clyde Says

There is one noticeable difference between this and Syndicate's co-op mode… you can select your own character! Though you have to be quick to pick your favorite before someone else does. It sucks to be stuck with characters you haven't invested any XP in upgrading. I think Weasel cheats in the character menu. That's the only way he can always take my guy before I pick him!

Artist's Notes

I was going to draw some backgrounds, to have them standing around in an office building. But as I thought back upon the game, I realized Resident Evil doesn't really have iconic settings. Yeah, when I think of the games, I know there was a mansion in the first, a police station in the second, a village in the fourth… But there is no imagery associated with those places. There wasn't anything I could draw that I felt would make it scream "RESIDENT EVIL!" So I went with no background, to set them firmly in-line with most my other comics.

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