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Crackdown: City of Innocent Fodder

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Available on the Xbox 360

Quick Review:

Crackdown is a third-person shooter that places an emphasis on gravity-defying leaps and crazy-big explosions.

You level up key abilities by killing gang members, completing races & stunts and by grabbing orbs. It is quite rewarding seeing your noticeable improvement in your abilities.

What's not so rewarding is actually completing tasks. Are there any prizes for cleansing crime from an entire section of city? Nope. Just makes it a dull part of town to patrol around.

Aside from stuttering framerates during fancy explosions, and a target-lock system that prefers passing cars to actual enemies, this game delivers lots of fun: just running around and dishing out justice.

Recommended for those who must collect orbs!

4 stars

Lizzy Says

A good rule of thumb: people with TVs floating about their heads are up to no good.

Clyde Says

I also have a good tip: beware of your car horn.

It will cause half the citizens to panic, flailing right into your path.

The other half will be angered, and defiantly stand directly in front of your car to give you a piece of their mind.

I hate to see my insurance rate.

Artist's Notes

It's really weird for me to look back at these old strips. In some ways, my art style hasn't really changed. There's been some refinement over the years, though. And the tiny ears just look so wrong to me now.

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