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Syndicate - 30-Calibur Liberators

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Quick Review:

It's amazing how compelling a game can be when it's filled with strong, recognizable Hollywood voice acting. Even a game that has a plot compiled from every conspiracy plot-twist and future-mega-corporation cliché ever conceived. I couldn't tell you what the storyline was, but I did know who I would be fighting at the end of the game as soon as they made their first appearance. The action feels a lot like FEAR, mixed with the recently released Deus Ex Human Revolution (minus the stealth of that game; the motto here is Leave No Firefight Behind.). The upgradable abilities are nice, but the game is stingy with the upgrade chips so there's no way to super-power your man.

And would somebody please turn down the light intensity???

The stand-alone co-op portion of this game is great fun with friends, but it is too bad that they made it a separate entity from the single player campaign. I would have liked to be able come into co-op after have leveling up some weapons/powers in single player, rather than having to start over. It also could use that compelling Hollywood voice acting to add some narrative that players might actually care about. Splitting the attention between the two campaigns hurt the overall product. Still a fun shooter, though, I just wish it felt less cliché.

Recommended for players looking for some more co-op warfare, and those who want to get blinded by the light.

2 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

This perfectly illustrates why I always want Weasel on my team when we play these shooters. He's not really all that good, but he can be energetically sadistic to opponents. And bystanders. And the environment. Actually, being on his team won't necessarily save you from his craziness, but he's less likely to intentionally target you. His favorite excuse for friendly fire: "I couldn't see over my muzzle fire."

Clyde Says

Apparently there's no penalty or reward for killing innocent people in this game. Except your teammates will walk behind you from then on.

Artist's Notes

This comic is pretty much verbatim for a game I played online. Except without much talking; it was all just giddy gunfire and maniacal laughter while the rest of us waited for him at the next checkpoint. It was funny and scary to witness.

I did have an alternative comic, which basically summed up any given single player stage:

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