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Arkham City - Gotham Does Not Breed A Co-op Culture

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Quick Review:

When Batman Arkham Asylum was released in 2009, it stood as a remarkable anomaly; a fantastic comic book game that excelled in presentation and substance. B:AA defined itself with stellar graphics, amazing voice-work, and a majestic mix of close-quarters combat and stealth. When the inevitable sequel was announced, I hoped they could make the new one at least as good as the original. And developer Rocksteady has indeed succeeded in that account. And yet, it's not quite as memorable.

All the ingredients that made the first game so fabulous are still in place, and just about everything has been expanded; more gadgets, more explorable areas, and many more Riddler challenges. I think that maybe the only problem with the game: it's simply a bigger version of the first game. Having played through the first game, I never felt very compelled during this game. I was fully content to just take a break from playing each time I died. It's still a great game, I just envy players new to the franchise, as they'll be able to revel in the awe-inspiring freshness of the game.

4 Stars

Lizzy Says

Catwoman's open-chested outfit seems not very battle-practical. There may be some distractive elements on display, but it also very clearly marks a large vulnerable area for people to shoot at. She needs to invent some transparent Kevlar.

Clyde Says

I really love this game, but I'm terrible at controlling my glide. I think I'm confusing my "Soaring Eagle" button with my "Pulmmenting Stone" button.

Artist's Notes

Look, color!

I talked with a color expert I respect a lot, and she told me I must absolutely be using color when I bring this comic back to life. There is definitely a trade-off in doing so, but I took her advice. I'm just using flats, so it's not very deep colorwise, but it's definitely more eyecatching, I suppose.

And so, this is officially the start of new comics. Tuesdays & Fridays should be home to brand new TGWP episodes. That doesn't necessarily mean they'll all feature new games (Batman AC is several months old, obviously), but they could be! You'll have to check back to find out!

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