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Rage - My Cutesy Robo Spider Puppy!

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Quick Review:

This game has so much potential and polish, yet ultimately it's wasted.

The graphics are incredible, yet the post-apocalyptic world is rather generic by design. So everything looks good, and yet nothing stands out. And the color palette is muted as if everything is covered with dust. If they had tinted everything pink or blue, then this world would have been memorable. As it is, it's nice to play and then quickly forgotten.

The same with the gameplay itself. It's a super-smooth shooter, and it plays great, but nothing about it is really remarkable. The spider-bot is close, but it really needed something extra.

And the most bizarre thing about this game may be the enemy types. There's too many for the amount of gameplay! How weird is that to say? They have entire tribes of distinct enemies that you only fight once or twice. It's like this game is missing its third act where everything comes together. And it doesn't help that the story ends on a set-up for more games that may never come.

Recommended for FPS fans with commitment issues. Love it, then leave it.

3 Stars

Lizzy Says

A word of warning to those who would destroy my little SpiderMuffins: Death is only the beginning. Not only will I unload every scrap of ammo that I own into your body, I will punch your corpse into the parking lot and run you over with my car. Then I'll submit your obituary to the local paper with your name misspelled.

Clyde Says

Anyone else find it weird that such a polished shooter, with no specifically single-player gimmicks (slow time, for instance), has car racing as its only multiplayer feature?

Artist's Notes

The spider-bot is a great little walking turret, but it needs a deeper upgrade mechanic. It should have its own RPG-type upgrade system so you can deck it out with firepower or armor or mobility. And you should be able to strap it to your back to take it with you. That's what the sequel should be...
Rage 2: Spiderbot & Me.

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