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Deus Ex Human Revolution - Fashion Police OF THE FUTURE!

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Quick Review:

I've seen the future and it has an orange glow to it!

My first foray into the Deus Ex world is an exciting one. Stealth-encouraged gameplay, complimented with guns that feel good and a wide variety of upgradable powers. The steampunk art design is pretty slick as well.

The missteps have to include the boss battles, which eliminate the choice-based style of the rest of the game. You have to fight the bosses, no sneaking or distracting. Bleh. And the first-person perspective seems unnecessary, since you'll be jarred out of it whenever you perform a takedown. Were the developers too lazy to fully animate the main character? Also, the story just gets weird… as if it wasn't translated well.

Despite the criticism, this game was a fun, polished treat!

Recommended for fans of good-looking action-stealth games.

3 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

Clyde likes all the doofy costumes we were in these games, yet when I try to dress him up in real life, he's all "I'm fine with my t-shirt". Why can't he be more influenced by video games??

Clyde Says

I wish there was an upgrade so more than one battery would automatically refill. "I'm sorry, I have to recharge before I can punch you." That just seems wrong.

Artist's Notes

I'm not very good at stealth-based games, so I greatly appreciate the fact that this game always allows you to fight your way out of a situation if your stealth fails. It's too bad that the no-other-options boss fights are such a blemish on this game.

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