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Hunted The Demon Forge - Cookie Terror!

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Quick Review:

The level design is restrictive and the graphics are a bit flat, but I truly love the characterization in this game. The two leads bicker and tease each other. The beefy male lead is hilariously afraid of spiders (so, of course, you'll face off against a giant one), the female elf has a bit of a temper. I wish more games would feature such involving characters.

The story is formulaic, and the game could use a coat of polish. Too often it was just "survive waves of enemies, then the door will open" type of gameplay. And depending on your perspective, the puzzles are either a quaint throwback or an antiquated gaming device.

Despite its flaws, I enjoyed the game, and hope for a sequel… or a prequel to learn more about these characters.

Recommended for fans of hack & slash games.

 3 Stars

Lizzy Says

These characters are practically Clyde and me! I'm the tough cookie, and Clyde's the worrier, we have the same dynamic as in the game! And Clyde's scared stupid of spiders, too! I think we're owed royalties!

Clyde Says

Why are there always giant spiders in these games?? Bleck!

Artist's Notes

When I first heard of this game, I confused it with Hunter: The Reckoning. I was really excited, because those games were some of my favorite on the last gen consoles. They really deserve a good sequel. Or at least an HD collection.

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