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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Overstaying Your Departure

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Quick Review:

I honestly don't know if I like this game as much as I do because it was fun, or just because it wasn't as horrendous as Part One.

They stripped out all the extraneous side missions and unnecessary elements of the previous game, leaving only the wand-shooting gameplay. And it leaves a much tighter, albeit shorter, experience.

I do miss the sense of magical wonder and discovery from earlier games, but it wouldn't be true to the urgency of the story if they had tried to include that here.

Though it won't do much to win over franchise detractors, this is a solid conclusion to the series.

Recommended for those who bravely stuck with the series the whole way.

 3 Stars

Lizzy Says

I won't miss being called "LizzyRon", that's for sure.

Clyde Says

I wonder if Lizzy would mind me calling her "LizzyRon" in real life.

Artist's Notes

I almost skipped playing this game after the disaster that was Deathly Hallows Part One. It seems rather counterintuitive that a game released less than a year after its 2-year production cycle predecessor would be better. I suppose they didn't have enough time to sit around and think up bad gameplay mechanics.

I'm glad the series didn't go out on a bad note. But what does the future hold? Perhaps a single epic series-spanning game, completely built from the ground up? Could be awesome. Although, another (hopefully more fully-featured) Quidditch game seems more likely.

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