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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Blast Em Zap Em Wizards

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I'm a fan of the Harry Potter franchise. I've seen all the movies. I've read all the books. I've played all the games on the Xbox 360, plus a couple of the ones on the old Xbox. I can forgive by-the-book gameplay or janky animations. But this dismal attempt at a third-person shooter? Dreadful. Worse yet, it is severely overlong.

Nearly the entire game is padding, sending Harry off to randomly save NPCs despite the fact that he's the one the bad guys really want to capture. Don't they care about the story at all? They should have elected to just do one game for the Year Seven story rather than force this disaster upon loyal fans.

Recommended for those curious enough to try and discover which is worse: The faulty cover-based shooting, or the stealth sections with the Invisibility Cloak that must constantly recharge.

 1 Star

Lizzy Says

I don't want to waste my time talking about this vile pile of bile.

Clyde Says

I liked it okay. A bit too much shooting though. And too much stealth. And… um, I guess that's all there was.

Artist's Notes

I'm usually pretty generous with my enjoyment of video games. Just like bad movies, I can usually find a scene or a level or even just a line of dialog that I really like. Not here. It's just awful. And worse, the difficulty achievements don't stack! You have to play through this dreadfuness 3 full times to get all your gamerscore!

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