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Spider-Man Edge Of Time - Marriage of Time

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Quick Review:

Apparently the pressure of following up a great game like Shattered Dimensions was too much for the Beenox development team. This game is a bland button-mashing mess.

My theory is that the game designers are a Spider-Man 2099 fan, and wanted players to appreciate him. (He was my least favorite to play of the four characters in the previous game) In that sense, I suppose they succeeded because Spidey 2099 was more enjoyable to play than regular Spider-Man (the only 2 playable characters this time around). Whose idea it was to make a game with only interior levels when you have a character whose main mode of transportation is swinging on large-arcing webs? So, yeah, I spent most of the time running on the ground because it was less frustrating.

The camera is a mess, the story makes no sense, and there is little-to-no real fan service.

I give this game a slight nod for including a bunch of costumes that unlock if you have a save file from the previous game. I wish more developers were that generous.

Recommended for Spidey fans who would rather read unlockable newspaper headlines about their favorite supporting characters rather than see them in the game.

1 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

I've always felt that Spider-Man 2099 was kind of a cheat. He's not spidery enough. He has claws! Spiders don't have claws, do they? I'm pretty sure they cling to walls, not dig their nails in. Cheat!

Clyde Says

I love referencing Rex Manning.

Artist's Notes

I've included two Spider-Man games so far in the comic strip, and they've received two of the lowest scores. And yet, overall I enjoy Spider-Man in video games. Really! I liked Spider-Man 3 (though 2 was better) and Shattered Dimensions and I like playing as Spidey in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games. Apparently, I just don't like placing my characters into good games.

This game should have been better though. I have a feeling it wasn't intended to be released in 2011, that was just part of Activision's Annual Franchise Juicing Mandate.

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