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Madden 12 - Pompous Pigskin Parley

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Quick Review:

I'm not one for buying annual releases of sport games. Usually one per console generation is enough for me. While Madden 12 definitely scratches the football itch, it doesn't feel like any strides have been made, or really even attempted, since I last played the franchise 3 or 4 years ago. And the tacked-on Madden Ultimate Team mode really brings down the experience.

So the extra modes fall short, and the core game feels unremarkable. Another example of the stagnation of being the only game in town.

Recommended for football fanatics who will buy it regardless.
2 Stars

Lizzy Says

Weasel thinks he's a good trash talker, but I say he's just overall annoying. The talking is superfluous.

Clyde Says

It's hard to be the quarterback. I normally like playing some schmoe at the end of the line who just runs around, flailing.

Artist's Notes

Using in-game coins in the Madden Ultimate Team mode (or purchasing them through microtransactions, ugh) you unlock card packs containing new players to add to your team. Better packs cost more coins, of course. But the worst part of this system is the fact you only earn coins while playing MUT mode, using your crappy players. Even then, it takes way too many games to earn a decent amount. Plus, you must be connected to EA's servers. During the 4 games I played, I was disconnected 3 times (each in the final quarter of the game!) and wasted two hours of my time to earn nothing. Simply allowing you to earn coins for playing regular games would have helped tremendously.

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