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A well-made kids' game, and a marketing stroke of genius collide to drain wallets of obsessive collectors everywhere! Small, well crafted figurines come to life in the game when placed on the Portal of Power, and each has individual stats that are recorded on a chip in the figure itself. Swapping out creatures to match elemental properties of each stage is remarkably quick and responsive.

It's a surprisingly lengthy game, with over 20 chapters, and more than can be added through special retail bundles. With dozens of collectable figures, it'll take deep pockets to compile a complete set… but they're hard to resist.

Recommended for those who can afford it.

 3 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

I love Skylanders! Mostly for the toys, though. They're such high quality figurines. I'm used to crappy little plastic figures that don't do anything, and these blow them away! And these actually do stuff! Weeeee!

Clyde Says

This game is hard on the body. Some games burn your eyes. This game burns you in your wallet, and gets you trampled in the toy aisle.

Artist's Notes

The only real drawback for this game is for achievement hounds like myself. Activision bypasses sharing their DLC revenue with the console makers by including additional game chapters in store-purchased bundles. But in doing so, there's no new achievements for these new levels. Scandalous!

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