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Duke Nukem Forever - Still Out Of Bubblegum

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Quick Review:

The infamous game progress left behind. A decade ago, this game would probably have been a remarkable achievement. Six years ago, it might have offered some impressive points. Releasing in 2011, it is a bit of a janky mish-mashed mess.

I wasn't a fan of previous Duke Nukem games, so this title holds no nostalgic factor for me. The gunplay is rather rudimentary and unpolished. The graphics and level design are rather flat. This game just doesn't do anything very interesting, though it does try. The attempts at variety save it from just being a dismal failure, but those segments (driving, tiny platforming) overstay their welcome.

This game could never figure out what it needed to be, and ends up falling short all over the place.

Recommended for gamers with a morbid interest in seeing a fallen icon.

1 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

I wouldn't say this is a bad game. This game doesn't really do enough to earn such a definitive statement.

Clyde Says

I'm glad this game came out. It puts to rest all the could-have-beens that have floated around for the past decade. Now on to the what-nexts! They need to put him in a game like Timesplitters Future Perfect where all the supporting characters are aware of what a doofus he really is! Gold!

Artist's Notes

Some people really hate cutscenes, and believe all narrative should happen in-game. I can see their point, as a lot of games put so much effort into those scenes that it makes the rest of the game look bad. But there are several points in Duke Nukem Forever that makes you stand around for several minutes while others talk, regardless of whether they're dishing out important plot points or not. If these were actual cutscenes, there would be a possibility of skipping them. But they aren't. And a year later, it still frustrates me. Just open the damn door and let me continue playing!

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