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Mass Effect 2 - Let's Have A Drink To Old Friends

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Quick Review:

Wow. This is how you tweak a franchise. The shooting mechanics, the inventory system, the crew interactions… what didn't get an overhaul? I didn't even think the game needed so much departure from the foundation of the original, but I'm so glad it happened. A lot of things have been streamlined and polished, and the entire game is a much more inviting experience for newcomers. But not in a bad way, at all.

The narrative has been punched up as well, offering more choices, more interactions, and even more replay value. The story doesn't have the epic scope of the first, but it works much better on the personal level.

Recommend for everyone. Give it a try!

4 Stars

Lizzy Says

This is the game you want to play if you want to get your virtual drink on. There's a bar in the ship's lounge, you can buy some booze to drink with the doctor, and you can get knock back a few on nearly every hub world. I think the game is rated M simply for the alcohol consumption. There's not really much blood, the sex is "steamy" at best, and I don't recall a lot of bad language. It's all about the futuristic margaritas!

Clyde Says

Lizzy isn't a mean drunk at all. She can just get really snippy when denied her drink. Keep that in mind.

Artist's Notes

Comics have warnings for sex and violence, but drugs & alcohol aren't as moderated in their industry like they are in movies and games. The cigar-chompin' beer-guzzlin' hero is still alive and well in the funny pages.

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