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Mass Effect 2 - Everyday is Casual Friday!

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Quick Review:

Wow. This is how you tweak a franchise. The shooting mechanics, the inventory system, the crew interactions… what didn't get an overhaul? I didn't even think the game needed so much departure from the foundation of the original, but I'm so glad it happened. A lot of things have been streamlined and polished, and the entire game is a much more inviting experience for newcomers. But not in a bad way, at all.

The narrative has been punched up as well, offering more choices, more interactions, and even more replay value. The story doesn't have the epic scope of the first, but it works much better on the personal level.

Recommend for everyone. Give it a try!

4 Stars

Lizzy Says

Yeah. That "casual attire" you get when you buy the Kasumi DLC… We have no problems filling the crew roster for a suicide mission when you strut Shepard out in that for the brochure, do ya? I now have a knock-off of that dress at home. I use it to get Clyde to do the dishes.

Clyde Says

Character development between ME1 & ME2: Garrus, Tali & Liara suddenly become badass, while your battle-hardened military human soldiers become whiny dipsticks. I knew I should have been an alien.

Artist's Notes

We're getting near the end of the "old-old" stuff. These Mass Effect 2 comics I wrote in the beginning of 2011, as the first of many attempts to revive this comic strip. I tried again at the end of the year, as you will probably be able to tell from the games featured.

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