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Heavy Rain - Motion Disabilities

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Quick Review:

Developer Quantic Dream has delivered a polished narrative-based gameplay experience with its latest title, but perhaps it was not ambitious enough to fully succeed.

As you begin the story, the game introduces you to the basic control elements by having you perform brief mundane exercises such as brushing your teeth and setting the kitchen table. While such activities may sound like tedious labor, they do deliver an intriguing level of satisfaction.

Where the game falters is in the small details… walking, for instance.

The other big stumbling block is the plot itself. Once you discover the identity of the killer, replay value disappears, as you no longer have the mystery compelling you to play through the boring parts.

Recommended for fans of narrative-driven gaming, and those looking for a different experience.

 3 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

I fear this game could lead to a full-life simulating game, where you must perform every single action your character does the entire day, as it plays out in real time. The excitement comes when you run into unexpected road construction and must detour! Gasp!

Clyde Says

Other games I'm no good at: Command & Conquer, American McGee's Alice, Forsaken, Dark Summit and Friday the 13th.

Artist's Notes

As soon as I finished the game, I started a second playthough. But it was not as compelling because I knew what was going to happen and where I should go and all that. And my brain isn't wired to intentionally fail to see how that changes things. I didn't get too far before moving on to another game.

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