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Comic Jumper - Don't Make Me Punch You In My Chest!

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Comic Jumper

Quick Review:

Developers at Twisted Pixel Studios (Splosion Man) are really carving out a name for themselves with their unique brand of hilarious games. The game's protagonist, Captain Smiley, has a sidekick, Star, who is attached to his chest and offers nothing but a constant barrage of insults. Nevertheless, the duo jump around in different comic book eras (via the Timecop transport) in attempt to recapture their popularity.

The gameplay is pretty much a one-note shoot-em-up, but it's the humor that compelling enough to play through the game.

Recommended for comic book enthusiasts with a sense of humor.

3 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

What bean-counter's idea was it to have the manga stages in black & white? They would obviously be much better suited for horrifically oversaturated color.

Clyde Says

I love all the references this game makes to comic books and movies and just about everything. Sure, some references I didn't get, but I laughed because I understood that it would be funny if I knew what they were talking about.

Artist's Notes

The entire enjoyment of this game hinges on the humor, so if you're offput by the blatantly un-PC comedy stylings of Star, this game will obviously not rate very high for you. I enjoyed it a lot. Parts did overstay their welcome, though. It could have benefited from a strict producer telling the game developers to keep it moving.

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