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Crackdown: I Was Asian, Until My Hair Turned White. What Was That All About?

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Available on the Xbox 360

Quick Review:

Crackdown is a third-person shooter that places an emphasis on gravity-defying leaps and crazy-big explosions.

You level up key abilities by killing gang members, completing races & stunts and by grabbing orbs. It is quite rewarding seeing your noticeable improvement in your abilities.

What's not so rewarding is actually completing tasks. Are there any prizes for cleansing crime from an entire section of city? Nope. Just makes it a dull part of town to patrol around.

Aside from stuttering framerates during fancy explosions, and a target-lock system that prefers passing cars to actual enemies, this game delivers lots of fun: just running around and dishing out justice.

Recommended for those who must collect orbs!

4 stars

Lizzy Says

If I had facial hair in real life, I would like the Snidley Whiplash mustache.

I think its awesomeness is self-explanatory.

Clyde Says

The lack of knives and swords is pretty surprising.

The simplest tactic is to run up and kick people as they have no real ability to block or dodge.

We could really use a crazy guy with a butter knife... charging you, yelling, “I’ll cut you, man!!”

That would make this game a classic.

Artist's Notes

I still play this on occasion when one of my friends wants to play some co-op. My beefy dude is pretty much maxed out... except for his sad little 2-star driving skill. It's tragic, really.

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