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Splosion Man

Quick Review:

A new take on classic platforming, Spolsion Man self-detonates to propel himself across dangerous gaps and over obstacles. An energetic score and colorful art complement the hyperactive protagonist's journey.

A high difficulty and not-so-generous checkpoints lead to much frustration to those lesser skilled in precise platforming. Not hard enough, you say? Try hardcore mode, which eliminate checkpoints altogether! Yikes!

Recommended for gamers who really enjoy a challenge, and for those who enjoy a hefty dose of goofiness in their game design.

 2 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

This is one of those games that's much better to just watch a good player play. You can just sit back and enjoy the goofy noises.

Clyde Says

I would like to see Splosion Man as a DLC character for Castle Crashers. Oh yeah.

Artist's Notes

This comic again points out that there are certain games that Lizzy & Clyde prefer not to play inside the virtual world, even if they like the game itself. It is a bit of a stretch, since pretty much any non-sport game features people trying (and often succeeding) to kill you.

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