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At Home - Almost Advancing The Plot

This episode is inspired by:

Pinball FX 2

Quick Review:

Pinball done right! With an ever-growing roster of tables, the fun never stops! Many of these newly-designed tables, particularly the ones based on Marvel comics, deliver an exciting and creative mix of classic pinball standards and new-fangled gimmicks that can only be accomplished in the digital world.

The original Pinball FX selections are basic throwbacks to real-world tables, but you don't have to buy them if you don't want them with the all-DLC pricing model.

Online multiplayer and fantastic friend-list integration put this excellent downloadable title over the top.

Recommended for anyone with time to kill!

 4 Stars

Lizzy Says

I'm usually not impulsive with my confessions of love, but it seems like each new Pinball FX 2 table that gets released becomes my most wonderful fabulous absolute favorite of all time. Well, I guess it seems that way because it's true!

Clyde Says

What I would love to see is a pinball table that incorporates and entire series of games. Like a Mario pinball table, that makes you progress through objectives based on each of the major Mario titles. I don't think that's one you'll be seeing on the Xbox or Playstation though.

Artist's Notes

I can foresee a lot of difficulty presenting some of these "At Home" sequences in ways that mention games. This one was okay, since Clyde wasn't part of the plot discussion, so it was easy to have him off playing games. But when I finally get them out of the house, I'll have to start getting creative. Oh no!

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