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At Home - Work Ethic of the Sloths

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Quick Review:

I love pinball. These faithful creations of classic machines like Black Knight and Taxi sure bring a lot of nostalgic joy. And a marathon session (with local multiplayer) of all the tables is a fun challenge.

The presentation is a bit underwhelming, though. The bland arcade backdrop never changes. Credits you earn quickly become useless after you unlock a handful of tables. And the leaderboards are about as basic as you can get.

With only a couple "newer" (1990s) tables, younger players may not be too impressed with this collection, but for most, there is an undeniable addiction waiting to happen.

Recommended for pinball lovers of all ages!

 3 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

When Clyde brought home this game, I thought he was nuts. Nuts to think that he stood a chance against me! Turns out, he just wanted to catch up on his sleep; he naps during my turn. Sly old fox.

Clyde Says

I love home console versions of arcade & pinball games! They save money in the long run, and there's less of a crowd to ridicule a poor performance. Lizzy's more supportive at home, when she doesn't have a crowd pumping up her taunts.

Artist's Notes

I had initially planned to always have "Documentarian" behind the camera in the At Home sequences, but I obviously ditched that idea. So his reintroduction here is a bit odd, and I'm not sure if it's really apparent that he's the same guy that was filming them before. But his "girlfriend" is appearing for the first time, so if the audience thinks they're both new characters, that's okay too.

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