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Mass Effect - Black & Blue Journalism

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Quick Review:

This is one of the buggiest games on the Xbox 360, with nary a cutscene that doesn't have jarring texture pop-ins or empty spaces where a character should have loaded. The game will freeze, dialog gets dropped. But who cares? It's the excellent choice-based narrative and flashy powers that is so compelling, that broken stuff seems a mild irritant. There's also decent gunplay and a rewarding RPG leveling system.

But what's with that stupid bouncy tank?

Recommended for fans of Shooters who want something delicious added to their normal gameplay.

 4 Stars

Lizzy Says

I'd like to go on the record as saying I'm against unnecessary reporter-bashing. Like the military says, "They leave me alone, I'll leave them alone." Wait… Maybe it's not the military that says that. Maybe that's the slogan of my gym.

Clyde Says

I sometimes wish I took after Lizzy and was more aggressive in my RPG playstyle. But I don't like to hurt people's feelings. If given, I even pick the option to forgive the bad guys. "You blew up my home planet? Well, you did say you're sorry, so that's okay. Wanna come to my birthday party?"

Artist's Notes

I made four episodes for Mass Effect, but if any game deserves that kind of attention, it's this game. I played through the campaign… six times, I think? I don't think I've played through any other game that many times? Or at least not any game of this length. Each playthrough was probably 20-30 hours long. I've only spent that amount of time on Elder Scroll games. And for those, I was usually playing one character so it wasn't like I was playing through the same parts over and over.

I wish I had been signed up for back when I was playing this game. Raptr (a horribly pointless name for a website) is a free site that tracks video game usage. It's fun to compare stats against friends. I wish I had it when I was playing Mass Effect, to verify that it has been my most-played Xbox 360 game.

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