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Mass Effect - Punch Now, Resolve Disputes Later

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Quick Review:

This is one of the buggiest games on the Xbox 360, with nary a cutscene that doesn't have jarring texture pop-ins or empty spaces where a character should have loaded. The game will freeze, dialog gets dropped. But who cares? It's the excellent choice-based narrative and flashy powers that is so compelling, that broken stuff seems a mild irritant. There's also decent gunplay and a rewarding RPG leveling system.

But what's with that stupid bouncy tank?

Recommended for fans of Shooters who want something delicious added to their normal gameplay.

 4 Stars

Lizzy Says

I am a bit confused about Commander Shepard's job. You'd think accepting the position as an all-powerful Spectre would supersede her military rank. But some jerk of an Admiral keeps calling her up, like she's his personal ass-kicking booty call. I've got a schedule to keep, you know, trying save the galaxy and all that… I can't be fixing your problems all the time, Rear Admiral Needy!

Clyde Says

I can't deny that the Rear Admiral became the butt of many of Lizzy's insults as the game went along. A lot of her jokes were a bit juvenile, as you can imagine.

Artist's Notes

The last panel I had to completely redraw when I went to get these ready to post. The original page was water-damaged and would have been much more work to try to fix in Photoshop. But seeing it next to the older panels, it really makes me wish I redid the whole thing. I wanted to keep the archive history as authentic as possible though, so I just have to live with the less-savory details.

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