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Mass Effect - Please Wait While Title Is Loaded

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Quick Review:

This is one of the buggiest games on the Xbox 360, with nary a cutscene that doesn't have jarring texture pop-ins or empty spaces where a character should have loaded. The game will freeze, dialog gets dropped. But who cares? It's the excellent choice-based narrative and flashy powers that is so compelling, that broken stuff seems a mild irritant. There's also decent gunplay and a rewarding RPG leveling system.

But what's with that stupid bouncy tank?

Recommended for fans of Shooters who want something delicious added to their normal gameplay.

 4 Stars

Lizzy Says

The elevators, oh the elevatorsā€¦

Clyde Says

Why do the slow, slow elevators even exist in the game? It's not like there aren't loading screens spread around the game. Maybe if the characters were locked rigidly in place during the ride; a little dancing mini-game would be just the thing to break up the monotony. Think about it.

Artist's Notes

This comic was originally written as just part of another strip, to show that these elevators really do break up the action. But I decided to make it stand on its own, since that way it would still work to postpone the action even more.

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