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Just Cause 2 - The Dialog Is Just A Temp Track… Right?

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Quick Review:

This is a great example of a franchise taking a look at the potential in its own game, and just focusing on improving the fun.

The voice acting and the close-up character models are even worse than the original game, but who cares? It is so enjoyable zipping around with the grappling hook and making things explode that you don't care too much that other stuff.

The storyline is over-the-top, fun and forgettable. And there are so many things to collect and destroy, good luck finding it all in under 100 hours.

Recommended for fans of explosions and base jumping.

 4 Stars

Lizzy Says

Ooooooh yeah!

Gotta blow more $#!& up!

Clyde Says

Lizzy tells me she worries this game will make me want to take up base-jumping. Or more accurately, jumping off of cars with a parachute. I've assured her that won't happen until I perfect my bad over-the-top voice acting.

And then she took away my car keys.

Artist's Notes

This game is made for co-op! Regardless of the fact a lot of vehicles are drive OR shoot, this is the type of game you spend the whole time laughing your head off and going "Did you see that?!?" How awesome would it be if you could have a partner in the game to constantly try to one-up? Don't let me down, Just Cause 3!

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