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Marathon: Dual-Wielding Nostalgia

This episode is inspired by:

Marathon Durandal

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Quick Review:

Marathon: Durandal looks like the original Doom, but plays more like a dungeon crawler... you're often looking around for items then backtracking to unlock further areas, all while blasting baddies.

Controls are responsive and the camera works well, but it's hard to get past the aged look.

If you didn't like it when it originally came out, you probably won't care for it.

This one is recommended only for nostalgia buffs; those curious to see the shaky history of video games and how far we've come.

Lizzy Says

Dual-Wielding. Pshaw. Unless it's a shiny instrument of stabbiness in one hand and a gun in the other, who needs it?

More shooters need playable characters that can whip out ninja action at a moment's notice.

Clyde Says

I like playing online co-op games, but only with friends I know will share.

What's the point of playing co-op if you're hording ammo and not watching out for your partner?

Unless you want to lug my body around as a shield, let me have a decent gun, people!

Artist's Notes

When I initially started this comic strip, I wanted all games to receive a multiple-strip arc. I felt it gave more respect to the game, regardless of how low I may have scored it during the review. I quickly got away from this practice. I didn't want to have to skip a game just because I could only come up with one or two strips. And now when I do multiple strips, it's more of a labor of love.

Plus, the twice-a-week update schedule means a week and a half per game during these 3-strip arcs. Reviews would be coming awfully slow at that pace.

If I were to start over from the beginning, I'd still start with a multiple comic arc like this because it introduces the characters well, instead of rushing all four of them in at the same time AND establishing the game world setting.

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