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Harry Potter HBP - Stop Saying Snog!

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Quick Review:

If you like mixing potions, dueling classmates, and collecting millions of lucky charms, this is the game for you. But it's not actually a bad game. It's a solid entry in the Harry Potter series, if a bit light on actual gameplay. Aside from some broomstick flying, I've already mentioned pretty much everything you'll do in the game.

The presentation is improved from the previous game, with better graphics and cutscenes that play out in a much less jarring fashion.

And while fans of Hogwarts will be delighted by the atmosphere, there's nothing much here to appeal to franchise outsiders.

Recommended for those who follow the series.

 3 Stars

Lizzy Says

Clyde often accuses me of not being lovey-dovey enough. I don't think that's true. I love rubbing my nose against his pouty face when I tease him about random stuff. That's pretty lovey-dovey. Besides, doves are probably much more fierce than how people generalize them.

Clyde Says

I would classify myself as the romantic in our marriage. So it's fun to see Lizzy in roles that require her to be lovesick. She's so cute when she's all love-gushy. Just don't tell her I said so.

Artist's Notes

The level that inspired this comic, as well as a similar one later in the game, are my favorite stages. You don't really do much, it's just so amusing to see the character gliding around while the whimsical musical score perfectly captures the moment. It's the type of thing I'd like to see more of, and yet if I did, I'd probably tire of it quickly. So I'll just take what I had here and be quiet.

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