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Conan - It takes guts to disembowel barehanded

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Quick Review:

Conan is a combo-heavy hack 'n slash game, basically a God of War clone, complete with giant bosses and topless maidens.

One of the neat features of the game is allowing you to pick up dropped weapons, letting you switch from an assortment of fighting styles on the fly. You can even pick up torches out of nearby fires to use as weapons or burn down environment pieces.

I do have a fondness for the comic book-esque art style, but overall the game fails to leave much of an impression. That said, if severed limbs is your thing, it is fun to indulge in the brutal combos for a while. You may tire of the game a while before it ends.

Recommended for gamers who like their screens covered in blood.

 2 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

You know what would be great? The brutal combat of this game combined with the battling-a-whole-army-at-a-time gameplay of Dynasty Warriors. Instead of having to take apart on fighter at a time, imagine slicing a dozen guys in half with one swing of your sword!

Every time I pitch this idea to Clyde, he keeps suggesting they make a Psychiatrist Simulator to play instead. Only if they can combine the two games, Clyde.

Clyde Says

I'm going to just smile and nod at whatever Lizzy has to say.

Artist's Notes

I'm still befuddled about how small I used to draw ears. They just look so weird to me. Was I trying to balance out the size of the eyes so the facial features would average out to somewhat normal? I just don't know.

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