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Rock Band 2 - Rocked To Tears

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Quick Review:

Rock Band came roaring out of the gate an amazing experience, and the sequel tweaks it all to even greater heights. More of a polishing than a new direction, Rock Band 2 simply gets it right.

Gone are the individual single-player careers. Now you can just focus on the Band World Tour mode, alone, in a room full of friends, or even online! Improved technical responsiveness and a whole slew of challenges also keep the party entertaining for weeks.

Recommended for all fans of rhythm games, casual and expert alike.

4 Stars

Lizzy Says

What this franchise needs is more minutia! I want to be able to edit the fanbase. When we're starting out, playing in small clubs, I want to be able to add hecklers and fans that just came to see the headlining act that walk around bored. That would be the touch of authenticity this game needs!

Clyde Says

Random challenges are great, but I think they should go an extra step and have a branching storyline where you have to play internal band troubles. Perhaps playing a gig without your bassist because he's too hungover from the night before. Talking your guitarist out of quitting the band because he's jealous of the vocalist's Facebook following. Is it wrong of me to want some RPG in my rhythm games?

Artist's Notes

When I posted the Guitar Hero 3 comic, that was a new game at the time. The next couple strips were made a couple years later. I did write in the joke about it seeming like they've been playing these games for year, because of the time that passed.

I had planned a marathon of music-game comics, covering 6 or 7 games. The burnout Lizzy shows here would have been much more relevant. It would have also preceded Activision's decision to end the Guitar Hero franchise due to customer fatigue. And I probably wouldn't have made her bored while playing one of the best rhythm games. Most likely it would have ended it on GH: Van Halen, with everyone complaining over the entire concept "Classic Wolfgang".

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