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Guitar Hero World Tour - No Shirt No Shoes No Rocking

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Quick Review:

Guitar Hero tries to play catch-up with the upstart contender to the throne, Rock Band, but delivers an ugly, rushed product.

World Tour tries to set itself apart with a higher degree of difficulty than its competitor, adding open bass notes and extra drum notes (if you buy their drum set). This is at the expense of the fun, party atmosphere these games usually focus on. More frustration than fun.

For every positive aspect of this game, there is an equal, if not greater, negative.

Vocals are new to the Guitar Hero franchise, but vocal recognition is the worst of any game I've played.

I like the addition of character creation, but the art design is often downright scary.

Recommended only as a source of more songs.

1 Star

Lizzy Says

I like how I can choose my end-song celebration move, but the camera is always too far away to capture any feeling. This game needs to fire its cinematographer.

Clyde Says

Weasel wanted me to assure our readers that he's not nearly as bad at the drums as he used to be. Of course, I'm not sure finding an "auto-kick" cheat code really counts as improving your skill.

Artist's Notes

I used to have a co-worker who, instead of learning people's names, would call pretty much everybody "Big Guy". He might as well address people as "Unimportant". Now I use it as an inside joke, a running gag that's made appearances in pretty much every comic I've made.

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