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Guitar Hero 3 - Beware the Mouth

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Quick Review:

This installment of Guitar Hero gets a makeover and one notable addition, but ultimately fails to add anything of value to the franchise.

Legends of Rock delivers all the same rhythm-based gameplay of the previous Guitar Hero games; this time, the song difficulties are both easier and harder... even more unevenly balanced than before. Adding guitar boss battles into the mix is distracting, at best.

Visually, the graphics have been given some polish, but that makes the repetition and glitches more evident. And design choices are questionable.

In the face of the expansive gameplay of Rock Band, Guitar Hero suffers from limited playability.

Recommended for players of the franchise that need more songs, but aren't yet burned out on the gameplay.

 2 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

Why is there no Puffy Amiyumi songs in this game?!?

Clyde Says

As much as Lizzy has to put up with playing a male character when we play video games, you'd think she'd enjoy the company of me playing women when they're available.

I don't always want to be the angsty or badass male cliches, sometimes I want to be perky and nimble.

Artist's Notes

This is the last of the original comic strips that have ever seen the light of the web. After this, only a few even made it as far as the inking stage before 2012. Some of them were only scripted, others were missing their script altogether. It's been an interesting adventure piecing them together and finishing them off.

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