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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage - Ragdoll vs Flopdown

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Quick Review:

Flatout is all about arcade racing and launching your ragdoll driver into the air. It's just too bad the two don't often mix.

The game features a racing mode, with three car classes, and a separate "Carnage" mode with events like demolition derby and ragdoll bowling. Each provides hours of fun, though ultimately they leave no lasting impression.

The game looks and sounds great. I appreciate the song title pop-up that work even for songs playing from your hard drive.

Recommended for arcade racing fans and fans of silly violence.

 3 Stars

Lizzy Says

I have always been a supporter of full-body bowling. However, the advantage is gone when the pins outweigh you. I suppose that's poetic justice that I'm slamming my skull into.

Clyde Says

The life of a ragdoll isn't so bad.

The wind whipping through your hair; The amazing sensation of flight; The last desperate spasm to try and avoid crushing your pelvis upon body-smooshing impact with the unforginving earth.

As long as someone else is paying for gas, it's all good.

Artist's Notes

I don't know what's up with the inking on this strip. I'm only sorta going to ink in the black areas? These days, I go all the way or not at all. But, hey, preserving accurate history here. There it is.

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