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Spider-Man: Friend or Foe - Cavalcade of Bland

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Spider-Man Friend or Foe is a co-op-based superhero beat-em-up that suffers from a quick license cash-in.

Spider-Man FOF would have been a good game several years ago, but now it feels outdated and provides the player with nothing special. A game best suited for last-gen consoles.

A wide selection of characters to choose from to team up with Spider-Man, but only one is allowed at a time and many feel the exact same. Gameplay is dull and mindless.

Graphically, the stages are bland, the art direction is blocky and ugly, and the few enemies are extremely repetitive. The game runs smoothly, mostly due the fact that not much happens.

Recommended only for young children.

 1 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says


Clyde Says

Spider-Man gathers a ton of allies in this game, so why does he only get to bring one along at a time? There's supposed to be a catastropic event going on, why not send in the super-powered army here? I have a feeling the plot wasn't a high priority during game development.

Artist's Notes

Was I too harsh on this game? I don't know. My love for the Marvel Comics characters pretty much demand that games at least try to be something special. This one just felt like a cheap cash in, and yet it's not even tied to a specific product. And Iron Fist finally gets put in a game, and this is it? Damn you, Activision!

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