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Bioshock - More Atmosphere, Mr. Taggart?

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Quick Review:

Bioshock is a first-person shooter with enhanced abilities, set in a fantastical underground society gone awry.

This is an excellent looking game, with superior graphic & sound designs which immerses the player in a rich atmosphere. Fights are swift and violent (and extremely brutal if a Big Daddy gets too close to you). Enemies are plentiful and creepy. Controls are tight and the gameplay is very enjoyable.

There are faults with the game, but they are relatively minor; The game does not break much new ground. But what Bioshock does, it does quite well.

Recommended for everyone prepared for a moody, violent afternoon of polished gameplay.

 4 Stars

Lizzy Says

I don't really like the Big Daddy outfit. I think it's the helmet that bothers me.

I was the one that would make fun of the kids in wearing a helmet, and now here I am in it. Must be poetic violent retribution.

Or maybe not so poetic.

Clyde Says

I'd like to go on the record as saying caffeine actually helps calm me down. I hardly sleep without it.

Artist's Notes

Wow, Bioshock… It's one of those game that's just an incredible experience. It does lose a bit when playing through it a second time, because the story twists are no longer jaw-dropping. But the creepy atmosphere, with all the crazy people ranting, stays strong. When it came out on the PS3, I bought it for that system too so I could feel like it was new to me again.

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