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Catz - Cat Is As Cat Does

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Available on the Nintendo DS

Quick Review:

Catz is one of many "Petz" games, designed to recreate the experience of owning a real pet, without the mess and expense.

Unfortunately, Catz captures all the repetitiveness of the superior "Nintendogs," without the quality playability.

Just like in real life, your job is to keep your cat happy. Your cat has want indicator bars, showing you how tired, hungry and neglected it feels. Good luck getting it to notice the food you put out for it.

There's really not much to do in this game. You can play with your kitty for short bits. Or watch it strut around. Or take pictures of it. Or wait for a phone call to invite you to take care of someone else's cat!

The lack of rewards greatly limits the playability of this game. The money you earn for completing tasks allows you to choose from a slim assortment of accessories, or unlocks weird "cat facts" to read. It could be a better game if there was just more to it.

Recommended for cat lovers with short attention spans.

 1 1/2 Stars

Lizzy Says

Actually, if I had a cat, I'd probably name it Potsie.

This might be the real reason why Clyde is hesitant to get a cat.

But if he got a cat that already had a name, or named it before he brought it to me, I'd be okay with that.

But when the lights go out, I'm still calling it Potsie. Oh yeah.

Clyde Says

Sometimes I think I'm allergic to cats, but other times I think I'm just allergic to their owners. I don't want to become "one of those people", so I'm satisfied with just being a cat owner while I was growing up.

Artist's Notes

I enjoyed Nintendogs, which is why I thought there might be a chance I'd like this game. But the quality wasn't there. "Cat Fact" cards are no substitute for a Mario RC car that drives your animal nuts.

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