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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Available on the Nintendo Gamecube

Quick Review:

For the most part, this entry to the Mario Golf franchise is pretty much straight forward golf. Sure, there are some unique locations, but there are only a few obstacles to prevent normal golf play.
Basically, it is the cast of a Mario Party game out on the links. Not a lot of goofiness you'd expect from a cartoon sport game. Not even a silly caddy?

The game is a pretty fun golf sim. The simple controls work well, and give you plenty of flexibility to line up shots precisely. You can get a good sense of the lay of the green as well as the wind. You have a full set of clubs at your disposal, and even have a few power shots to help you out. This makes for excellent playability while playing golf, which makes up the bulk of the game.

There does need to be more wacky interaction; Right now you can use simple warp pipes and taunt other golfers. There is also no character customization, although you can import a player if you have the Game Boy Advance version. And where's the mini-golf?

Recommended for casual golfing fans and for those who like slower paced games.

 3 Stars

Lizzy Says

Birdo is an underappreciated icon in the Mario Universe. Birdo deserves her own spin-off games! Birdo Kart! Birdo's Mansion! Birdo Picross! Who's with me??

Clyde Says

Where do they grow these Chain Chomps this big? Surely these things don't get so big in the wild, do they? Somehow, I don't believe these are organic.

Artist's Notes

Is the Mario Golf franchise really going to skip the entire Wii console generation? That's crazy. It's the one natural fit for the Wiimote!

Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds for the PS3 was pretty bare-bones. Outlaw Golf died out last gen. Why are we being stiffed on our big-name cartoon golf franchises??

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