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At Home, And The Stomach Shall Enlighten You

This episode is inspired by:

Cooking Mama: Cook Off

Available on the Nintendo Wii

Quick Review:

The successful Cooking Mama game for the Nintendo DS is translated to the Wii, with less than stellar results. If you've played the DS game, you will be completely familiar with everything here. Except the less responsive controls.

You are tasked with completing meals from your choice of country's cuisines. What follows often turns into tedium as you fight with the wiimote to smoothly respond to your actions. Lots of quick chopping and slow stirring.

Also available is a two-player cook off battle, and your chance to take on a computer controlled character to put you to shame. The computer chef will speed through some tasks, while being inexplicably slow during others, but their end result will be nothing short of perfection. Hope you can keep up.

Recommended for fans of the DS version who want the challenge of fighting the controller.

 2 Stars

Lizzy Says

I have no real connection to this game. My mom never cooked, unless heating up TV dinners counts. I find this "women in the kitchen" concept totally bizarre. Who even eats at home anyway?

Clyde Says

Lizzy has total mental resistance to home-cooking-indoctrination. I've seen her stare down Home-Ec teachers. And she wasn't even attending school!

Artist's Notes

Seeing these comics reminds me how much I used to actually play my Wii for the first year or so. It was always exciting to hear about a new game that had some creative use of motion controls. It's sad how they usually ended up. I'm bitter and disheartened by the whole affair.

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