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This episode is inspired by:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Available on the Xbox 360

Also available on :

PS3 Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Wii Marvel Ultimate Alliance


Quick Review:

A four-player beat-em up with a slew of super-powered characters: a terrific combination.

Expanding on the X-Men Legends games, Ultimate Alliance is a flashy comic book brought to life.
With dozens of playable characters, each with a range of powers which grow more and more powerful, the biggest complaint may be that you only get to use four at a time.

Traditionally over-the-top voice acting and visually exciting super-powers heighten this comic book romp. While not perfect, this game will keep players enjoyably occupied for hours on end: Leveling up characters, unlocking new costumes, or just throwing endless baddies off a cliff.

Recommended for comic book fans and gamers who like to beat up thousands of bad guys with flair!

 4 Stars

Lizzy Says

I tell Clyde all the time that he needs to show off his legs more. I'm trying to get him to get a little sun on them first, but I'll take what I can get. Woo woo!

Clyde Says

I'm never sure how sincere Lizzy's "woo-woos" are.

Artist's Notes

One of the times I bought this game, it was the PSP version, because it has exclusive characters. I never understand why handheld games get exclusive content instead of the more expensive console counterparts.

But I rarely play a handheld game at home, so it got to the point I was volunteering to take friends to their doctor's appointments so I could sit in the lobby and play this game. That's right, I risked my health, surrounded by diseased patients, just to play this game. Gotta beat up them Doombots.

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